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Steinberg CC121

geavanceerde integratie USB controller

Steinberg CC121

    CC121 features full plug and play with Cubase or Nuendo requiring no additional setup as a controller device. A swift, one-step installation procedure as a USB device is all that’s required. Once the CC121 has been installed, Cubase/Nuendo detects the device when launched, and automatically binds CC121 into the Cubase/Nuendo production environment. To reflect this, the "Cubase Ready" lamp lights up — CC121 is ready to assume control. Instant plug and play is just one of the advantages of CC121 as a fully integrated controller with Cubase/Nuendo, bonding with Cubase/Nuendo to form one exhilaratingly powerful hardware/software production system.

The CC121 is powered using the USB bus on your computer. This means simply connecting the CC121 to a USB port offers full control over Cubase/Nuendo. When the included AC adaptor is also connected, the precision fader is motorized, accurately displaying the volume level on the selected track.

Advanced Integration System — totally integrated tactile control of Steinberg’s Cubase range of production systems, maintains complete focus on your production within Cubase
    Ultra-precision Advanced Integration Controller Knob with "point and control" support — controls any visual Cubase parameter, internal FX setting or VSTi parameter using mouse pointer selection
    High quality, 100mm touch sensitive motorized fader: full tactile control of the channel or group volume fader
    Dedicated controls for Cubase channel settings including solo, mute, record arm, automation (read/write), pan, VSTi editor and "e" settings button
    Full Cubase EQ section in hardware: 12 rotary EQ encoders and bypass/mode button
    Full transport section including jog wheel
    User-assignable section — adapt the CC121 to your needs
    Instant plug and play with Cubase-ready LED — no additional setup or parameter assigning required
    Outstanding engineering and component quality including valuable full metal case
    Cross-platform support — compatible with Mac and PC 

460.00  euro 360.00